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Cooking With Doodhi

***Note: Doodhi is one of my favourite vegetables. I enjoy eating it no matter the dish but I do have my favourite dishes. I’d put together this collection ages ago but even today these are my favourite doodhi recipes.***

The bottle gourd also known as the calabash gourd or the white flower gourd is popularly known as doodhi in India. It is a native of South America but is grown extensively in India. Archeological evidences support man’s association with Bottle Gourd in Peru from 11,000 to 13,000 years B.C.

The gourd is usually bottle shaped but can also sometimes be trumpet shaped. It is a vegetable with a good source of carbohydrates, vitamin A, vitamin C, and minerals. Bottle Gourd may be fried, boiled, or stuffed with the tender fruits used for making sweet meats. The hard shell of mature fruits may be used to make water jugs, domestic utensils, musical instruments and floats for fishing nets. In addition tender stems and leaves posses some medicinal value.

There are alot of sweets and dishes that are made from this vegetable but I have tried to put together a few easy to make and tasty recipes. These are nutritious and also very good for the weight conscious.


Doodhi Halwa

1kg bottle gourd
3 cups of sugar
1 cup of milk
3 tablespoons of ghee
4 cardamoms

1) wash, peel and grate gourd
2) Steam in pressure cooker for 15min.
3) Remove when cool, add sugar and milk and let it simmer on a low fire. Stir continuously. When it is well cooked, add ghee and powered cardamom. Stir well and remove from fire.


Kadu Puri

White gourd ½ of small gourd
Rice flour 400gms

1) grate gourd
2) grind chilies
3) Add salt, flour and chilies to gourd and mix nicely. Should be sticky but not watery. Do not add water.
4) Now make capatis on a plastic like we make for vadas.
5) Deep fry till golden brown.


Doodhi Milk Shake

Bottle Gourd

1) Grate the doodhi and steam for 15 min.
2) blend in mixie
3) now add desired amount of milk and elaichi(cardamoms)
4) Serve cold.

The doodhi halwa and puri is not exactly for the weight conscious but the milk shake sure is. If a little milk cream is added to the halwa while still ho, it enhances the taste of the halwa. Serve the halwa cold it tastes better. Same goes for the shake, serve it cold. The puri’s are best eaten hot, and will taste better with mint or chilly chutney.
Doodhi is supposed to be good for the eyes, hair and skin. I glass of doodhi milk shake every day morning or evening is very good, it is also cooling for the stomach so real good for people who have stomach burn.

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