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Pawsible Weekly: Prey Model RAW

Che and I first heard of the RAW diet 5 years ago, Cuckoo and Senti were around a year old then. I’m not so much of a raw meat fan so it was Che who did all the research and figured it out. It was how we started out.

A RAW diet simply put is feeding your dog or cat raw meat. However it isn’t as simple as that, the idea behind it is that each species has it’s own specific diet. Dogs offshooted from wolves and hence are carnivores by nature.

Being around humans for centuries may have made them omnivores but their base instinct is still carnivorous. Given a choice between curd rice and meat, a dog will always choose meat. And in a choice between cooked and uncooked meat, raw meat will always win.

In the wild, dogs would have hunted and eaten, which means they would eat different animals and different parts of the animal everyday. There would also be days when they wouldn’t bring down prey and hence would have to go hungry.

PMR or Prey Model RAW tries to recreate that. Some even go to the extend of allowing their dogs to hunt and eat. Well, we don’t do that but we do try to give them a varied balanced RAW diet.

We’ve been feeding our dogs RAW for almost 5 years now. And as you can see in 5 years I now know more about meat. I’m still not a fan but I’ve learned more about meat in 5 years than in the 30 years before that! 😀

Aside from me becoming more of a meat person, we have also seen amazing results in the dogs. They fall ill less often, weight control is so much easier, no food fuss, skin and coat is in great condition, teeth are white and breath is clean (my dach’s are an exception in this), even aging seems to have slowed down.

Maximus and William have lost weight and toned out beautifully. I can also help them with their old bones and arthritis better with natural supplements rather than pills and tonics.

Buddha, my old boy who has a heart condition and arthritis doesn’t show a sign of it. And Elu who started out on RAW when she was just 5 months old has grown out beautifully in the last 7 months.

Buying meat for 6 dogs, planning it, and sorting it takes 4-5 hours a week (compared to this the feeding is a snap) but it’s completely worth it when you look at the results.

I’m still learning myself and there is a world of information out there. You’ll hear about stuff we are doing for sure in these weekly updates as we go along for I am constantly trying to figure it out, tweak and fix their meals.

But if you have a dog or cat and are contemplating the Prey Model RAW diet, the RAW-Feeders India group on Facebook is an excellent place to start.

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