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Pawsible Weekly: The Last Ten Days

I had intended for the Pawsible Weekly to be a weekly update of the dogs but this week I’m hijacking it to talk about travel, blogging and the dogs. 😀

We’ve been away for 9 days!!! It may not sound like much but it’s the longest we have ever been away. Leaving the doggies behind and travelling is just so difficult. It’s that feeling of leaving your heart behind… 🙁

The doggies though seem to have had a ball with Devisri of Urban Dawg. Here’s what they have been upto…

Cuckoo cuddles…

Buddha cuddles…

And even William cuddles!!!

The dogs lounge around…

Cuckoo displays how ‘Attention’ is done.

The dogs enjoy the morning sun. After this they all pass out under the fan and don’t venture out much in the heat.

But they did miss us for we got a welcome that lasted over half and hour when we returned last night. There was crazy amounts of jumping, running, circling and licking that made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Some ten days ago I had posted about a surprise trip Che was planning. Well, now that we are back I can tell you, it was an amazing surprise. A trip to Meghalaya with JwM, that’s a knockout surprise!

The last 9 days were packed with sights, views, experiences, learnings, insights, limits, safaris, treks, bridges and what not. It was an amazing journey and I’ll share more of it soon.

It was a trip like never before and yet I’m also happy to be back. Back to the grind, my dogs, my blog, my life… You know the usual mundane stuff that makes up life. 😀

In other news I’m also looking forward to participating in the A to Z Challenge that starts on April 1st. I’d done it last year but not as a part of the challenge. This year though I’d like to give it a try – 26 days of blogging while choosing topics that start from A to Z. This should be fun.

I’m looking forward to blogging in April. It’ll be a good push to get me writing more. An excellent opportunity to make some new friends in the blogging space. And I hope to hone my writing skills too.

Last year I did words as a theme, this year I’m yet to make up my mind. There’s the option of words again. I’m inclined a bit towards 26 of my all time favourite books. And there’s also the idea germinating in my head of 26 cities/states/places in India I’ve been to. I can’t seem to make up my mind. 😕

So, Wish me all the best… 😉

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