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Pawsible: Let Sleeping Dogs Lie

Over the six years that we’ve had dogs, we’ve moved their and our sleeping quarters quite a bit. Sometimes they sleep with us, sometimes by themselves and other times we sleep with them.

Confused? Well, we have clearly demarcated spaces for sleeping at home. The bedroom is our sleeping space and the hall is the dogs sleeping space but we shuffle around. 😀

Every so often we get tired of sharing bed space and the dogs get unceremoniously evicted from the bedroom. Oh the crying we have to deal with for a couple of days. But these bouts of sleeping without the dogs rarely lasts long.

Before we know it we are back to opening the doors to the dogs and cuddling up for the night. Don’t know why we do it considering that that makes eight of us in that room; its not a bedroom, it’s a dorm.

Every night is a new layout, a new pattern. The dogs have their favourite spots and we find space for ourselves in between them all. And then there is Cuckoo who gets up at every sound and when she returns from an inspection expects you to lift the sheet and make space for her. If you don’t, you get punched until you do.

It the reason for the evictions, after waking up a couple of days in a row sore due to weird sleeping positions and sleepless because of Cuckoo’s punching, we’ll tolerate even Buddha whine through the night just for some bed space. So out go the dogs.

There are many advantages to not having the dogs in the room at night. You get the whole bed. You don’t have to doggy proof the bedroom. You don’t have to worry about things lying around. You bedroom doesn’t have a coating of fur. You don’t wake up in the middle of the night to a nasty fart. And so on…

But nothing beats have them around you snuggled and warm at night. I sleep so much better with them around. And I wake up better too, who wouldn’t when you wake up to a doggie face. 🙂


Photo Credit: Chenthil Mohan

P.S. – Day Fourteen of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

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