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Pawsible Weekly: April Update

It’s been a while since I’ve done regular posts on the blog. It’s good to be back to the mundane but yet I’ll miss the AtoZ Challenge what kept me on my toes.

I planned to write A to Z Things I’ve Learned from the Dogs but I only partially succeeded, as I was lost many a time about what to write. What I did manage though was to have the dogs in every post. It was all about them, oh well, there was always something about them. 😀

Before I get to a quick update on all the dogs have been up to in April. Here’s a quick list of my A to Z posts.

Appreciate – Everything, Even The Little Things

Befriend – More Curious Less Cautious

Celebrate – Thats What Life’s For

Dedication – Keep At It Until You Are Satisfied

Entertain – In All Ways and Forms

Fulfil – Your Destiny

Get Off Your Ass – Get Moving

Holiday – Impulsively

Instinct – It’s a Gut Feeling

Joy – Rejoice the Little Things

Kindness – A Special Type of Kind

Leisure – Stop and Stare

Masti – It’s All About Having Fun

Naughty and Nice – Makes for Some Spice

Opportunity – Grab It

Play – It’s Not Just for the Young

Quality and Quantity – The Eternal Battle

Resilient – Bounce Back, Slowly but Surely

Sensitivity – Unto Others and Yourself

Tolerance – Understand and Accept

Unique – As We All Are

Vice – There Should Be At Least One

Wisdom – What’s Wise All About

Xenial – Hello Stranger!

Young-at-Heart – The Child Within

Zestful – Go For It With Zeal

Now for the updates…

Summer here in it’s full glory and the dogs are showing the effects of the heat too. They prefer to be indoors where the granite floors our cold most of the day. You should see the speed with with they troop in after we have cleaned the house. Wet floors and flooded porches are a particular favourite.

Our bedroom is coooler than the rest of the house me thinks, so they dogs line up at bed time and charge into the room even before we can make it there. Our bedroom’s a dorm in the nights with 8 people sprawled out!

The heat is also showing effects in food. The mongrels both prefer chicken to beef. There is a fair bit of fuss when it comes to red meat, so I’m doing T-bone steaks which the dogs enjoy on some days and chicken in the rest. We’re also experimenting with kibble.

All seem to be taking to kibble well, except for William whose tummy seems to be taking time to get accustomed to it. Last time we tried a three day kibble drill, William acted all funny why eating, his eyes would droop and he’d look dopey as soon as he started eating and the look lasted for a while after. Two days in his appetite dropped.

I’m going to try another cycle of kibble this week. Smaller portions for William with more frequency in feeding. Let’s see how he takes to it this time. One option is to give up on kibble, but I’d like the dogs tummies to flex so this time I’m going to push it slow and steady until William’s tummy settles. Will keep you posted.

Max’s one ear has been bad for a while now. We first tried ACV for a while and it definitely made it better but the issue didn’t completely go away, so we took him to CUPA and started him on a course of antibiotic ear drops. The course also showed some improvement but now the course is over, it seems like he’s sliding back. There’s more goo coming out the ear everyday. Not smelling but sticky dark brown gunk. Time for another Vet visit.

All else is good at Pawsible… As always the pack is making everything possible at Pawsible! 😛
What have you and your fur friends been up to?

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