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Pawsible Weekly: A Little Happiness

One of the biggest lesson’s I have learned from the dogs is to find happiness in small silly things. To let go and just go with the flow. Don’t let it get to you, what it is, depends on how you see it.

There are so many things the dogs do that completely flips my mind. Like waking up day after day to a puddle of pee, or Buddha digging holes in my garden just after I’ve loosened and levelled the soil.

On bad days the dogs have it from me when things like this happen. But on good days (and there are more of those each day) I can see though it and smile.

One of those rare days when Senti managed to hold the bladder through the night. And then was in such a hurry to pee that he aimed at his spot though Buddha’s legs.

On good days I can understand that Senti couldn’t hold his bladder for another hour. He needs to pee around 3 or 4 in the morning and a lot of times I’m too tired to wake up for him. Picking up pee first thing in the morning doesn’t see so bad those days. I find myself smiling indulgently.

Buddha in his pit, while Elu contemplates joining in.

That indulgence also shows up these days when I catch Buddha covered in soil inside a pit of his making. Or when I find Cuckoo and William comfortably settled is soil they have just disturbed to bring out it’s coolness.

A favourite spot of the dogs. First they dig, then they settle.

They may not be the best thing for the garden, but the garden is the best thing for them. The same applies to me too I think. They are the best thing that has happened to me and on bad days, it’s what I have to remind myself the most. It’s also one of those things that helps me though bad days.

It’s difficult but I’m trying to chuck the pains and the bad days, the issues and troubles, and remember that it’s the small joys that bring happiness. Live in the moment, move on quickly in the bad ones and linger and enjoy the good ones.

That seems to be one of the secrets to happiness.

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