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Elu and The Foreign Body Adventure, and Other Books

Elu happy before surgery

This week was a week of adventure, not the fun kind, but adventure still. And I can say that, now that it’s over.

Two days ago Elu started throwing up in the early morning. Throwing up is fine, the dogs do that once in a way but Elu continued doing so at regular intervals. She was drinking lots of water but throwing it all up; in three rounds she must have thrown up about a litre. That’s a lot!

A vet visit late in the evening and an x-ray revealed a blockage in her intestines. I admitted her as she needed to be kept under observation and surgery was scheduled for the next day. I returned home to a quieter house and a restless me.

Elu's first x-ray

Come time for surgery the next day Elu looked frisky and happy; she looked too happy to be going into surgery. Another x-ray revealed the obstruction had moved from the intestines to the rectum. That’s a simple statement but there’s nothing simple about it, it’s a big deal. It’s super good news!

Elu's second x-ray

Foreign body surgery is a big deal. One – it’s a delicate surgery, two – recovery from it takes long and three – it’s expensive. A Gastrointestinal Foreign Body surgery involves opening up and re-closing the intestine. Any leaks left behind would cause a toxic leak. The surgery leaves the intestine weakened and it’s takes time to strengthen it. This is a surgery best avoided, if it’s possible.

And that’s why the movement of the obstruction was a big deal. It meant the surgery got called off, and Elu got sent home, along with instructions to be constantly observed, to be given some more laxatives and lots of bananas. She’ll be back to normal within a week.

The foreign body inside Elu

She passed the obstruction out this morning. Turned out to be a bone, of a size that should never have gotten stuck. In my 5 years of feeding my dogs Model Prey RAW, this was the first time this had happened. Guess the freak weird odd thing can happen anytime!

Special thanks are due to Anitra and Preeti who stood by me as always through it all (couldn’t have done it without you guys xxx), the Cessna Lifeline Team with extra thanks to Dr. Pawan & Dr. Nitin and loving hugs to Akhil and Dr. Anusha for watching over my girl during her stay there.

And there ends the Elu adventure, but this week also had me falling sick with what looked like a simple eye infection turning out to be conjunctivitis. Between my sickness and Elu’s adventure, I missed out on my running and will have to buck up next week.

conjunctivitisYep, scarrry… 😀

I did finish Menaka’s Choice by Kavita Kané this week and have started with Mastani by Kusum Chopra.

Mastani by Kusum Chopra

We’ve also reached the letter ‘H’ in the #AtoZChallenge and I’m so proud of managing to write in spite of all that’s been happening. I’ve also found some interesting blog that I’m enjoying reading everyday through the challenge. I share the posts I enjoy on twitter so connect with me there – @freya3377 and I’ll also list them here on the blog sometime.

In other news, I had my first mangoes of the season and enjoyed attending the Decutter Flea Market held to help Roxanne Davur’s Probably Paradise Animal Shelter.

Declutter flea market

First mangoes of the season


This weeks additions to my #TBR


Happenstance by Carol Shields
Happenstance by Carol Shields
(The Readers #149)
Two Novels in One About a Marriage in Transition: one direction is the wife’s story and turn it upside down to read the husband’s story. Just that makes me want to read the book!

One Point Two Billion by Mahesh Rao
One Point Two Billion by Mahesh Rao
(The Readers #149)
13 stories from 13 different states of India, should make for uninteresting read.

The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee
The Emperor of All Maladies by Siddhartha Mukherjee
(All The Books #47)
I’ve heard of those before and even then this book about cancer had piqued my interest. Maybe it’ll get picked this time.

Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julie Quinn
Because of Miss Bridgerton by Julie Quinn
(All The Books #47)
The lastest from Julia Quinn in the Bridgerton series. I enjoy Historical Romance and I should pick up this series sometime, especially since I’ve read her before and liked her writing.

What news from you this week? Any adventures? 😉

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