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Category — Crafty

Review: Hobby In A Box – The Little Box of DIY Joy

Hobby in a Box

Disclaimer: I received a box from the Hobby In A Box guys in exchange for an unbiased review.

I first found Hobby In A Box through the workshops they conduct in IIM Bangalore on Sundays. It being too far for me, I reached out to find something closer and got directed to their website in lieu of no workshops in my area.

The concept of the site immediately struck a chord with me. I’ve seen this idea being implemented in the US but sadly it was lacking in India until now. So, what’s the concept?

The Concept

The idea behind Hobby In A Box is that most often what stops us from learning a new craft is the investment or procurement of material for that craft – either it’s expensive, you have to buy in bulk or have to travel far and wide to find them. The Hobby In A Box guys, solve that by putting all you need to try something new in a little box, so there’s no running around anymore, just the joy of learning and making something new.

Hobby in a Box

I loved the projects the guys had to offer on the site, and selected the Warli folk art box. Pretty soon I heard from Manveen (co-founder), she said that that box was out of stock but I could choose another. We got talking and in no time she agreed to surprise me with a box in exchange for a review. I ended that call gleefully rubbing my palms, wondering what was in store for me. 🙂

The box arrived a few weeks later and I was thrilled to find a kit for glass etching. I’ve done glass painting but I’d never tried etching out. Reason – good etching creams are expensive, have to be sourced from US, and have to be bought in a big jar!

Let’s Do It!

I opened the box to find two glasses, a jar of etching cream, a brush, a plain sticker sheet, a printed sticker sheet (a special extra for me!) and instructions.

Hobby in a Box contents

The instructions asked me to go to their Youtube channel and check out the tutorial on glass etching. I’m used to written/drawn instructions and this was a deviation but one that turned out really helpful, as Manveen explains the process really well through the video and watching makes it easier to implement. (Almost like attending one of her workshops.)

I settled down to try my hand out at etching, and following instructions put down paper so I don’t get etching cream on surfaces I don’t want etched. 😀

Hobby in a Box Etching set

The etching cream box had leaked and partially ruined the inside of one glass, so I tweaked the design a bit to hide it. I also added the glass from a candle lamp to see how it came out and did simple designs since it was my first time.

Hobby in a Box glasses

Hobby in a Box glasses stickered

Once the design was complete, the next step was to put on the etching cream.

Hobby in a Box glasses with cream

The tutorial video says the cream can be reused but mine dried and taking it off wasn’t an option. I had to wash them off. As I washed off the cream, the glasses looked like nothing had happened to them but as they dried, it was like magic watching the designs showing up.

Hobby in a Box etched glasses

The candle lamp was a gift from a dear aunt and it turned out so beautiful. I love it!

Hobby in a Box etching

The experience of trying out and learning something new was such fun. It was an afternoon filled with fun and joy. Che watched me going through all the steps with curiosity and amusement but even he was gushing at the end result!

My Experience

My Hobby In A Box was a complete success with etching cream left over, and now I’m looking for more glasses to etch. 😀
Having all I needed at hand to start a new project was super helpful, the video tutorial made the learning process easier and doing it was such fun. A quick shout out to the guys behind the scenes too, especially Manveen who was really helpful and a pleasure to interact with.

I definitely recommend trying out the Hobby In A Box projects, especially if you have kids, the box will make for a fun afternoon with your child. And if you live in South Bangalore, you should try an make it to their Hobby in a Box workshops at IIM!

Have you tried out a Hobby In A Box? Which one was your favourite? If you haven’t, head over to Hobby In A Box now! I’m off to select my next project but you don’t forget to tell me what you though of my lamp in comments. 😉

March 10, 2016   6 Comments

The 500th Milestone Giveaway

*** Scroll down for Giveaway***

This is my 500th blog post, so the WordPress dashboard tells me.

Milestones are made a big deal of, they are looked forward to, they are celebrated, they make you swell with pride, filled with the joy of achievement. But milestones are just stones that get all their meaning from little squiggles on them. It is these squiggles that are the true milestones. And one can squiggle anything.

I have travelled many kilometres and many roads across this country and as a traveller I know well the joys and the sorrows of milestones. Some have found me wringing my hands and others doing a tizzy tango. Each milestone is special, is remembered, no matter it’s size and largesse.

I started blogging in 2004. (Don’t believe me, check out my first ever blog post – Mulangiri 22-23 May 2004.) Last May made that 10 years of blogging, I had big plans, I wanted a celebration, you know the works. But life had plans too and… you know the rest.

Then, Tuesday night the number 499 popped out at me from the WordPress dashboard. And I was like, ‘wow’. That may be a small number to most seasoned bloggers but it was big to me. I had actually written 499 pieces of text!, so what if that took me 10 years. 😀

So, (my favourite filler), I’d like to celebrate and share the happiness and sense of achievement I feel right now. I figured a very special giveaway is due. So ;), here’s the deal – 5 winners win something I have made. It will be fun for me to make each winner something special (plus I haven’t been doing craft in a while, and this will be a perfect push).


To participate in this giveaway, all you have to do is choose one item from the below list of 5 and tell me in comments. Next Friday I will pick 5 random winners using 🙂

Winners will have to be a little patient though as I will have to make each individual prize.
The Giveaway is open to all, however if you live outside India, it will take me longer to figure out how to get your prize to you.

Large Snowflake (colours will be personalised)


Snowflake (colours will be personalised)


Candy Stick


Japanese Filigree Fan


Santa, The Santa Claus


Snowy, The Snowman


Striped Earrings (colours will be personalised)


Flower Earrings (colours will be personalised)


Chequered Earrings (personalised colours)


Bonus Giveaway

One of the 5 random winners will also win a personalised bottle. {Sorry, don’t have pics of the finished bottle, but imagine this being prettier with faery lights. 😉 }

***Please note, except for the bottle, all the others are between 2 and 5 inches in width and height.

I’m excited to see what you will chose. Each of these pieces was a labour of love {cliched I know 😀 } and I’m looking making them again. It’ll be such fun.

All the best. Don’t forget to tell me what you want in comments. 🙂

Winners Update:

Congrats Manidipa, Harishri, Sindhoor, Sindhu, Ashwini on winning in the giveaway. Congrats Sindhoor on winning the bonus prize. 🙂

September 24, 2015   22 Comments