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Category — Video

Video Wednesday: 5 Awesome Ads starring Ranveer Singh

I as hunted around for today’s video to share I stumbled upon Ranveer Singh’s latest ad for Akshaye Patra. This guy has a wacky sense of humour, I really like him. Good looks, an cheeky smile, stunning body, brains and a witty sense of humour is an excellent combination in a man. 😀

After one, I went on a hunt looking for more ads done by Ranveer Singh. He’s been doing some really wacky and weird ads lately. Here’s 5 ads I really liked.

This one’s killer. Until I saw this one I used to think only his Durex ad was cheesy. 😛


And here’s the much talked about #DoTheRex ad. Ah ha ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha aha… Do The Rex. 😛


And another performance for Ching’s.


This guy is a good talker too. Like here in Chup – The Durex MTV Rex Talk


And finally the ad that started it all. Ranveer Singh’s latest – India Ke Hunger Ki Bajao.


I loved all these ads of his but my favourite is the RUPA Frontline one. It doesn’t get cheesier than that. 😛 What’s your favourite?


P.S. – Day Twenty-Three of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

May 27, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: Why Mutts are Better in Dogs

Most people want dogs with a breed. Golden Retrievers, Labradors, Cockers, Boxers and such are hot favourites but few understand the history of breeds and its side effects.

Dogs were quite like mongrel-wolves until man interfered. Man started to tweak the mongrel to create dogs that looked and did specific things. Each breed had a purpose. Some were retrievers, others hounds, some herders, others sniffers, and so on.

Over the years the purpose of breeds has been lost. Today breeds matter only in terms of looks and behaviour. And breeding or inbreeding has caused trouble.

Let me explain, quite like humans, dogs are a large group made up of many family trees. Each breed is a family. When you mate repeatedly inside the family, there are health issues and defects seen over generations.

It’s the side effects of breeding and we are seeing now. For example hip displacia is now very common in labradors and retrievers. And at the rate we are going, it will soon be a breed characteristic, and a very painful incurable one at that.

Anyway… My angst about breeds and breeding is a story for another day. For now, here’s Adam of College Humour who explains breeding and why mutts are better.

What do you think? Are you a breed fan?

P.S. – Day Sixteen of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

May 20, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: Becoming a Youtuber

Youtube is turning out to be quite a medium for video consumption and I’m slowly getting sucked in. I’m not much of a Youtuber but I’m trying to experience it and see if I like it.

One of the key criteria for this is enjoyment. Apart from the movies I watch online, my other Youtube consumption also has to be fun. That means I need to follow the right channels so I get the right goods.

In an attempt to curate and cull my subscription list I have been going through the videos the channels I subscribe to post. This process is going to take a while but the upside is that off and on I come across a well done video or short film.

Here’s two short films I came across and enjoyed. One’s the sweet cute love story types, the classic story most of our Bollywood movies are build on. The other is a thriller of which I didn’t see the end coming.



The Most Beautiful Thing



A Missing Housewife



I’m on a search to find good Youtube channels for short films. Have recommendations? Please, let me know in comments.

P.S. – Day Nine of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

May 13, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: Gift by Zsemberi Zsófia

I started Video Wednesday to share videos I come across. These are usually videos what made me sit up and think, left me in splits or changed life itself.

I came across this video a couple of days ago and watching it left me in tears. Having dogs and loving them made me want to shake up the father and mother in the video.

I believe everyone should be allowed to bring up their child or dog as they see fit. But dumping your dog because – he does not fit the bill, does not meet your expectations, is a lot of work, is unmanageable, is sick or simply isn’t what you had thought he would be – is unacceptable.

Would you dump your child because he or she is inconvenient? A dog is not different from a child. Your dog is a part of your family. Don’t dump him or her.

Makes you want to hug your dogs tight, doesn’t it? 😕 Did you like this Video Wednesday’s find?

P.S. – Day Two of the 30 Day Blogging Challenge.

May 6, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: Qissa-e-Parsi | The Parsi Story

Parsi’s are an integral part of Indian society. They may have come to India only in the 8th and 10th Century but yet they have become a part of the fabric of this country.

Legend has it that when Parsi’s first came to India and asked King Jadhav Rana of Gujarat for permission to settle in his kingdom, he asked them how they would live here in the midst of people who were not their own, not like them at all.

The leader of he Parsi’s asked for a bowl of milk and sugar. When these were given to him, he mixed the sugar in the milk and offered it to the King, asking him to separate the two. The King looked at him perplexed and he explained – ‘Your people are like milk and we Parsi’s are like sugar. We will become part of your people and add sweetness to your society.’

Even today, this seems to hold true. Anyone who knows Parsi’s or has Parsi friends will vouch for the wonderful people they are, sweet natured, kind, gentle and with an great sense of humour. They are people who are not just great with numbers but also good at heart.

I came across a video about them them the other day and couldn’t help but smile with fond memories of my Parsi friends. Here’s to some wonderful Parsi people I’m met and dear friends I’ve made over the years. Salute.

March 11, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: It’s Women’s Day this week people!

It’s Women’s Day this week so I’m keeping with the theme. 😀 Here’s some videos what hover around the topic “Women”.


Youtube is celebrating International Women’s Day with the global #DearMe initiative. What if you could go back in time and give advise to your younger you? What would you say?

They’ve already got quite a few videos from amazing women. Here’s the Highlight Reel…


Why should #LikeaGirl be an Insult?


Real Beauty? How we see ourselves or how others see us?


It’s been a while since a friend first led me to Beyonce’s ‘If I Were A Boy’. The song has stayed with me over time and still makes me think. Do we life in an equal world? This is one music video you must watch!


Continuing with the question of equality… #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob?


To all those women achievers… BTW did you know there are 14 self-made women billionaires in the world today and 7 of those are in China?


And this one I just had to put in coz she just keeps saying… Vagina, vagina, vagina… 😛


So, that’s my list for International Women’s Day. Do you have any videos to add? What plans for Sunday 8th March?

March 4, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: The AIB Knockout Controversy

I had meant to do a Video Wednesday on AIB’s Knockout / Roast when it came out on Jan 28 2015 but, before I knew it, it disappeared from Youtube. However it’s up there on DailyMotion, so here goes…

Almost all Indians in India and world over have see the Roast, either on Youtube almost as soon as it came out or on Torrents after those squirmy spineless people who claim to be protecting our culture forced AIB to take it down. I don’t see these people coming forward to protect women, safeguard children’s rights or in any other critical issues.

Anyway this is not a bitching post. And neither is it a treatise on the language used in the show. Considering how easily and nonchalantly we Indian used abusive words, making a brouhaha about it is plain silly and stupid.

I enjoyed the show. I think it’s great that groups like AIB break convention and do something novel. This event was a milestone in the history of Indian Comedy. There’s also something to be said of the courage shown by Ranveer Singh and Arjun Kapoor. It’s not easy to stand up there and let your ass be taken while a million people watch. Agreed all publicity is good publicity but still. I personally think all those who participated, including the audience were awesome sports.

I had planned to do a compilation of videos about the AIB Knockout – quips, comments, statements and such for this post. But in all my searching, all that I found was not worthy of sharing. Everyone has a point to make or an opinion. This is fine it’s like freedom of speech [freedom of opinion, you know 😀 ] but how can you have an opinion on something you don’t know about, something you haven’t watched? And how can all reactions be ‘shocking’??

Aamir Khan made a 6 minute statement about the AIB Knockout and a lot has been talked about it. Almost all I have heard is not in favour of Aamir ( even Russell Peters told him to shut up), but on listening to him all I noticed was a man taking a neutral stance. He is on both sides, supporting both sides and finding fault with both. And most importantly (like he repeatedly says) he hasn’t watch the show!

The media seems to have hounded people to get a byte. A lot of those people have not seen the Roast, not heard of the Roast or just seen a clip. Really! What authority do they have to comment. Good to see AB and a few others take the stand of “I didn’t see so I won’t comment”.

Rakhi Savant of course took the cake with her opinion in the matter. “The show has been dubbed. Sab ne unke sath chitting ki hai.” she says. 😛

But all jokes aside, I think Old Delhi Films group said it best with their video about “Things which are more OFFENSIVE than AIB Knockout”.

What did you think of the roast? What I’m more interested in is, what did you think of the Roast Controversy?? 😉

February 25, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: 50 Shades of Grey

50 Shades of Grey the movie releases this Valentine’s Day. And this is one book I haven’t read. It’s actually on my DNF list! Well, I couldn’t get past the first 5 pages.

I knew before I started, that the book was erotica and that’s not my genre. I’m not saying I don’t read it but I don’t like it so much. I guess I can take only so much of porn. 😀

Anyway like I was saying I started out knowing it was erotica, I expected the BDSM sex scenes but I quit before page 5, before the erotica made an appearance. It wasn’t the genre that didn’t work for me, it was just the book.

Considering 50 Shades is Twilight fan fiction, maybe that explains it, since even Twilight didn’t work for me. Twilight was another DNF.

And if you ask me, DNF’s are best watched as movies. That way you waste only 2 hours, get the gist and don’t feel very guilty. 😉

So here’s the trailer of 50 Shades.

While looking around for the trailers, I came across some takes to the trailers. Here you go…

Superwoman’s Parents Reaction to the Trailer

React did a video on Elders reaction to Fifty Shades of Grey. Here’s the bonus video of it, you can see the full one on their channel.

I enjoyed these and thought they were funny, Che though disagrees. Guess we have different senses of humour! 😛 What did you think of them? Funny at all?

February 11, 2015   No Comments

Video Wednesday: The BSF DareDevil Motorcycle Show

It was republic day this week and it was after years that we watched the Republic Day parade at Rajpath on DD this year. As mix of tradition and technology, we watched it all on YouTube while it was Live Streaming from DD. 😀

There were a lot of beautiful performances, partly I think thanks to the desire to impress Obama but what stood out for me were the BSF DareDevils. These guys I have seen over the years doing stunts on motorcycles that defy the eye and mind, yet I’ve never tired of them.

I seem to remember the DareDevils motorcycles being Royal Enfields since forever. However as a child I didn’t see the difference between an RE or any other bike. But having ridden a Royal Enfield for some years myself, I have an attachment with RE’s now and seeing them being used in such amazing ways, makes me all warm inside with a big smile on my face.

Motorcycle stunts aren’t easy. I should know, I’m terrified of even letting go of the handlebar, forget standing up on the bike and other such stuff. 😀 So, this week here’s to those DareDevils, their courage and the hours of practice they must put in to pull off such amazing feats.

Stunts by the BSF DareDevils Team in the 2014 Republic Day Parade

The 2013 Republic Day Parade stunts by BSF DareDevils

Here’s another where these guys have broken world records!

There were some new stunts this year, but new or old they were all wow ones. But my favourites were seeing the guy sitting sidesaddle working on a laptop, and other one where the rider controlled the bike standing on top of a ladder.

Which one’s did you like the most?

January 28, 2015   No Comments