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Creating ‘Lists’ on Facebook: Organise your Friends!

Facebook is a great way to keep in touch with both close and distant friends but, as your number of friends increase you will start to miss out on updates or see too many updates from someone you aren’t very interested in. This dilutes the value of Facebook both as a personal network builder and marketing tool. So, here is where lists come in…

Creating lists for your friends and categorising them helps makes sense of the chaos. (Friends can be added to multiple lists too.) These lists can then be used to view New Feeds and send out information and updates.

Categorising friends may seem like a lot of work initially but in the long run it will help organise Facebook for you. Among other things, it will allow you to send group mails and most importantly set-up you privacy well. Do it, you’ll be glad you did it : )

Create your lists based on how you would like to group your friends and how you know them or interact with them. For Example – As a gamer I have created atleast two lists for games – e.g. Frontierville and Friends on Frontierville. On one list I have friends who play the game too. On the other, people I do not know at all but who are friends I play games with on Facebook.

Why do you need these lists? Here’s why.

Viewing Updates from Friends by List

What if I told you that you can choose to view updates from just school friends, or college friends, or work friends, or even your marketing circle? You can do that, here’s how.

1. Click on ‘Most Recent’ above your News Feed on Facebook Home.
Viewing Friend Lists
2. In the drop down menu, click on ‘Choose Another’ to see more Lists.
3. Choose the list you would like to view.
I love this method to see group updates or game updates.

Marking Status Updates viewable only to specific Lists

You can even mark each status update to be viewable only by specific people or not. This helps send out targeted messages not only for marketing but also when some information you are sharing is private or hidden from some.

1. Click on the little ‘Lock’ icon below the Status Message box, right next to Share.
013 Setting privacy for messages
2. Choose the ‘Custom’ option.
3. Select the audience that can and cannot view your post.
014 Setting privacy for messages 2

Now onto creating those all important ‘Lists’. Here’s how to create them –

1. Click on the ‘Account’ tab on the right-top-corner of the page.
2. Choose and click on ‘Edit Friends’
001 Account - Edit Friends
3. Click on the ‘Create a List’ button
002 Create a list
4. In the pop-up type the name of the list
003 Create List Pop-up
5. Select friends for the list. (You can do this later too.)
6. Create as many lists as you need following the same process from Step 3 onwards.

You can also add friends after the list has been created.

1. Choose the ‘All Friends’ option on the ‘Edit Friends’ page.
2. For each friend choose the ‘Edit Lists’ option and choose the lists.
004 Add friends to lists

Creating Lists is a tedious process the first time its done and the more friends you have the more time and effort it takes. So start early and maintain the lists as you go. You’ll be glad you did this as your Facebook group gets bigger.

How do you categorise/group friends? Do you have any special lists?

November 15, 2010   4 Comments

How to set your privacy on Facebook so Boss and Mom can’t see all your updates

Privacy settings on Facebook are important and I cannot stress this enough. No matter whether it’s for games or work or marketing, setting you privacy right can avoid some embarrassing moments. Especially with family and boss! 😀

Facebook by default sets all Privacy Settings to Public. i.e. viewable by everyone. That means, if you have never visited your Privacy Setting page and customised it, anyone and everyone in the world can see all your information. If you’re someone who has no data on Facebook then great, don’t worry about it! But, if you have personal data, you better get cracking on customising it.

So how do you set your privacy right?

  1. Click on the ‘Account’ tab on the right-top-corner of the page.
  2. Choose and click on ‘Privacy Settings’
  3. 005 Privacy Settings

  4. Choose Your Privacy Settings. Spend some time on this page checking through your information. It’ll definitely be worth your time.
    006 Setting up privacy 1
    Click on ‘Customise settings’ to control who views your posts or shares. If you have created ‘Lists’ for your friends, doing this would be easier. Read my article Creating Lists on Facebook for more on Lists.

  5. This page has three main sections – Things I share, Things others share, Contact Information. Click on the drop down next to each sub-section and select the ‘Custom’ option.
    007 Setting up privacy 2
  6. In the pop-up that appears you can select who should see this type of data and who shouldn’t. You can also specify certain people by name or by list.
    008 Setting up privacy 3Remember to add your ‘game list’ in the ‘Hide this from’ section for all sub-sections so your data is safe from gamers and strangers.

  7. Set-up your custom settings for all the sub-sections.
  8. Once you’re done. Click on the ‘Preview My Profile’ button (towards the top of the page) and check to see what information is visible and if you are comfortable with the world seeing that.
  9. It is a good idea to go through the settings for the following on your privacy page too –

Basic Directory Information
Applications and Websites
Block Lists
011 Setting up privacy 4

9. You can read more on ‘Controlling How You Share’ here –

Now that you’re done with your privacy settings, take a look at your account settings too.

  1. Click on the ‘Account’ tab on the right-top-corner of the page.
  2. Choose and click on ‘Account Settings’
    009 Account Settings
  3. Almost all of this page is pretty simple. Go through each detail on each tab and make changes as needed. 010 My Account

If you’ve set-up your Account Settings, Privacy settings and Application Settings right, you’re in safe hands on Facebook. Well, not completely as Facebook can still access and use all your data but atleast you’ve reduced the chances of the abuse of your data.

And not to forget those embarrassing moments when your boss or family see photos and posts that they shouldn’t have. Have you had any embarrassing moments on Facebook?

**Bonus Tip – Use the little ‘Lock’ icon below the status message box to control each posts visibility by people and lists.

October 1, 2010   5 Comments

Review: Sendible – A Multi-Platform Social Media Scheduler

I am constantly on the lookout for good social media sites and here is my latest find.

Sendible helps you to connect with your friends, family, customers and co-workers by sending all types of messages from one place – now or in the future. I took a quick look around and liked what I saw though it still can do better.

The sign-up was pretty easy and clean. Had to wait a while though for the confirmatory email. The welcome page has a listing of all the sites you can schedule on, and there are quite a few. You can post on Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn and Twitter among others. You can also schedule Blogs, Email and even Flickr.
sendible12 Before being able to use any of the services, you will have to enter details of the networks you want to use. You can connect not only to your Facebook profile but also your Facebook pages. That’s a nice touch!

You can import your contacts from most emails services. Sendible supports Gmail, Hotmail and Yahoo or you can use a .csv file. The process is simple and easy and you also have the option of selecting which contacts to import. The Address book is well spaced out and easy to navigate.

The email setup is easy to use and even lets you blind copy everyone if you are mass mailing. The Multi Message allows you to send/schedule on multiple platforms and when scheduling you can also make messages recurring to act as reminders, however the scheduler right now only lets you go upto 30 hours. Hope they soon include days, weeks and months.

The sms scheduler allows only 160 characters and lets you get all replies to your sms as an email. A great marketing tool! However you have to buy credits to use the sms feature, hence not free 🙁

Sendible seems to be the only tool I have come across recently that allows multi-social network scheduling/posting for free. (I use SocialOomph quite a bit and I hate the fact that Facebook scheduling is not free). When scheduling status updates you can include URL’s and images too!

Sendible also lets you setup reminders for yourself by email or sms. Though am not so kicked by this as I can do this on my phone or outlook as reminders anyway.

On repeat login you will get to your homepage which is quite nifty. At a glance you can see scheduled messages, tasks and birthdays. You can also send out quick emails and status messages.

Something to note is that all messages will have ads in them unless you have a Sendible Pro account. The paid service also offers an newsletter sign-up widget for your blog. The widget adds the customer data to your Sendible list and so you can schedule and send out your newsletter right from here. You can even customize your newsletter and send them to select groups.

On the whole a great social media scheduler! It caters to almost everyone’s needs.

Photo Credit – Sendible

January 21, 2010   1 Comment